The Flowers of Edo

By Michael Dana Kennedy

Kenji Kobayashi is a decorated intelligence officer during World War II.  Recently assigned to a battleship in the Pacific, Kenji fears that he may no longer see Japan again.  Worried that his twin brother Tomoyuki may have fallen during a battle in the South Pacific, he briefly prays to a makeshift altar he has created in the cramped officers cabin he has been secretly stowed into.  Only a handful of officers and military brass are aware he is on this ship, so his prayers, like his actions, may not ever go noticed.  Still he clutches a prayer amulet given to him by his mother in his hand as smoke from a stick of incense surrounds him hoping to someday be reunited with them all; either in this life or at a burial plot in the Imperial Military shrine Yasukuni Jingu.

"The Flowers of Edo is an imaginative account of Japan's final days of World War II as seen through the eyes of Ken Kobayashi...from the Philippines to Japan in a complex plot whose twists and turns produce a fast-paced drama filled with the larger-then-life personalities of the time, large doses of Japanese history and culture, and a surprising conclusion." -- Edward J. Drea Ph.D author of Japan's Imperial Army.