All That Remains: The Legacy of the WWII Japanes American Internment Camps

By Delphine Hirasuna

All That Remains relates the story of arts and crafts made by Japanese American prisoners held in U.S. internment camps during World War II, and how they found solace in fashioning things of beauty from scrap and found materials. The opening essay relates why these humble works are so dear to descendants to this day. The book contains bxw historical photographs and dozens of full-color photographs of artwork made in the camps, as well as poems written by the prisoners. The featured artifacts include wood and stone carvings, paintings, needlework, and woodcuts, with text giving the background about the artists and conditions under which the pieces were made. The book is a sequel to The Art of Gaman, which was turned into an art exhibition shown in 15 museums in the U.S. and Japan.