Blossoms in the Desert: 
Topaz High School Class of 1945

Edited by Darrell Y. Hamamoto

Of the 8,000 plus persons imprisoned in Topaz, the high school class of 1945 numbered some 254. This class Included those who graduated in January 1945, June 1945, as well as the January 1946 class members who had enough course credits to graduate with the June class before the camp closed.

Their average age was about 14 years old at the time when they and their families were uprooted from their homes and imprisoned in a hastily-built compound in a harsh, remote desert. The student body came from various urban and rural settings, from San Francisco's Japantown to remote farms located in Washington. No matter what their background, they found their three years in camp to be perhaps the most impressionable years of their lives.