From Internment, to Korea, to Solitude: Memoir of Robert M. Wada

By Robert M. Wada

An intimate glimpse into the soul of one man who, as a child, was subjected to terrible discrimination, yet chose to serve his country. Robert Wada, in his heartfelt memoir, shares the painful story of being a Japanese American who, during World War II, is sent with his family to an internment camp. The author gives us more than a history lesson-although it serves as one very well. He offers an insight into choices made and circumstances that often unfold beyond our control.

Wada married young and joined the Marine Corps. During the Korean War, he lost his 18-year-old wife to illness and his lifelong friend in battle. As the years unfolded, and as Wada questioned the meaning of his life and a persistent solitude, he nevertheless created a new family and a dedication to honoring those who died in battle. This is a reminder that a life lived with pain can also be a life lived with dignity, purpose, and hope.