CD Time Slip: Looking Back Over My Life

Ayako Hosokawa is a jazz vocalist from Japan. At the age of 14, she was already performing in the American military clubs in Japan, picking up the English language by singing international pop songs of that time. Nowadays, she represents feeling and soul within her songs, no matter whether she sings in English or Japanese.

After her marriage, she moved to the United States and was discovered and sponsored by Earl Fatha Hines. She found her enthusiastic fans touring San Francisco, Las Vegas, Montreal and lots of places in California, performing in the clubs, local radio stations or on TV. In the 80s, she started a roving life between the United States and Japan. Due to her recordings for the audiophile Three Blind Mice label and the performances for the radio stations and on TV, she became one of the best-known pop and jazz singers throughout her country.

1. In a Mellow Tone (M. Gabler/D. Ellington) 3:46
2. And I Love You So (D. McLean) 3:18
3. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (L. Morgan/L. Stock/ J. Cavanaugh) 3:27
4. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (E. Mashwitz/M. Sherwin) 5:12
5. All I Ever Need Is You (J. Holiday/E. Reeves) 3:10
6. Close to You (H. David/B. Bacharach) 4:01
7. Tonight’s the Night (R. Stewart) 3:40
8. Your Cheating Heart (H. Williams) 3:14
9. The Birth of the Blues (B.G. DeSylva/L. Brown/R. Henderson) 3:53
10. Desperado (D. Henley/G. Frey) 3:40
11. Eveybody Loves Somebody Sometimes (I. Taylor/K. Lane) 2:51
12. Beyond the Sea (L. Trenet) 4:01
13. Looking Back Over My Life (C. Otis/B. Benton/B. Hendricks) 3:34
14. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (J. Green/E. Hayman/R. Sour/F. Eyton) 2:49